Blue's Golden Lad W.


If this horse were a car, he'd be a Ferrari.

Blues (affectionately known as "The Blues Man") is my main gelding and the horse that got me started in endurance. He is an older multi-gaited Missouri Fox Trotter. I bought him as a 10 year old who was so wired he was running away from his previous owner. Well, he was running away WITH his previous owner on board.

Blues needed a job and a very wet saddle blanket. We showed up at our first AERC ride and entered the 50. I looked like Jethro Bodine (Beverly Hillbillies, anyone?) at the Country Club and of course, Blues was the only gaited horse at the event. We were told we should go home. Blues had 450 miles of training on him in the previous 5 months alone and he was ready. So was I. Blues finished third overall and we won our weight division. We were both hooked on endurance.

Like all heavy muscled horses, Blues does best in low heat and low humidity. He has won a 50. He running walks, racks, speed racks, canters, lopes and gallops. He can foxtrot sometimes on Tuesdays between 5-7.5 mph if you speak a foreign language to him. He has a top speed rack of 21.9 mph and nothing compares to riding this horse in a fast rack. He's a sweet boy and is also our main baby sitter for weanlings. I consider Blues my friend and my partner and he isn't for sale.

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Blue's Golden Lad W.


Blue Belle's Babe


Sensation's Shadow T.


Missouri Fox Trotter


May 20, 1994


15.1 Hands




Hot Rod

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