Silver's White Diamond


New to the world of endurance, Cheyenne is taking everything in stride.

We brought Cheyenne along slowly and deliberately into the endurance world. She had a 7 for 7 50 mile AERC record and is one of 5 TWHs being competed, as of 2105, with a 100 mile aerc completion. 66 gaited horses have completed single day 100 mile endurance events, and 17 Twhs. Cheyenne is in that elite group of horses and we are very proud of her.

We started Cheyenne out in the 50 mile event in 2011. The first one was in Southern Mississippi in February. At pre vet check they suggested we shear her because she was so furry. She took the shearing and the 11 hour haul in stride never having been hauled more than 30 miles from our home. She was calm in the presence of so many horses, campers, and veterinarians. She pulsed down quickly, trotted out well, and finished with straight A's. I was very proud of her. She came in 12th out of 22 riders.

At the Red Barn Run in southern Georgia, in March, it was HOT. We slowed down because of the sand. Thirty eight riders started and she placed 25th. Again, I was very pleased with her willingness and stamina. She even stood untied for over an hour the day before the ride and let me braid her mane like spanish lace.

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Silver's White Diamond


Generators Silver Jewel


Jens Silver Shaker


Tennessee Walking Horse


April 8, 2004


15.1 Hands


Grey, two front socks, broken strip


Always willing

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