Dancer's Southern Princess - Sold


"I've even had a photographer yell out, 'Beautiful!' as I passed him."

Jazz would be best described as a fiery little sprite. She's like a fairy as she gaits along on dainty hooves with her beautiful black mane and tail and silky black coat. She even has a tiny white feather on her forehead. Always waiting patiently for her food, she is quiet mannered on the ground, neat and tidy with her grain, even wiping her mouth when she is done.

You would be wrong, however, to assume that her tiny form is fragile. Jazz is incredibly strong and racks a perfect four beat gait. During an endurance ride she is calm and collected on the outside, and focused within. She can hold a 9-11 mph rack all day long. She has very good ground manners and gaits out well at vet checks, sometimes drawing attention as she does it. I've even had a photographer yell out, "Beautiful!" as I passed him. Fiery? Absolutely. Princess? To the core.

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Dancer's Southern Princess


Southern Halo


Dancer's Silver Mine


Tennessee Walking Horse


March, 2005


14.3 Hands




Fiery Sprite

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