Savanah Sunrise - Sold


Her movement is rolling, graceful, and sultry.

Savanah is Sandy's favorite horse to ride because she is incredibly smooth at all gaits. She has good reach and is sure footed, even enjoying smoothly jumping logs like her mother. We have started her at the LD level successfully and she has been ridden at 12.5 to 13 miles per hour. Sandy knows she can go faster.

This horse is gorgeous. Her movement even at a walk makes you smile, she recalls a swaying lady gracefully making her way through a field in a flowing skirt. Her mane and tail are always carried with grandeur and dignity. Savanah is currently the alpha mare of our farm, but is not oppressive about her position. She simply gives the other horses a look and sends them on their way. Once in a while, she will decide that she does not want to go past something, but Sandy is working on this issue by turning her around and backing her a few steps. She quickly tires of this and the issue is over.

Last year, while Sandy was in an endurance ride with Savanah, a stallion got loose and came after Savanah with Sandy on her! Sandy kept spinning her and dodging until the stallion was caught and then they went on to finish the ride. Sandy was so proud of her mare because she stayed calm through the whole ordeal and did exactly what she asked her to do.

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Savanah Sunrise


Country's Shady Lady


Shining Mountain Rising Sun


Missouri Fox Trotter


February 18, 2005


14.3 Hands


Black with white hind left foot


Love Sponge

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