17 degrees and snow in the Shawnee

Okay here goes. The temp here has been silly cold and snowing. I had planned to spend Sunday afternoon riding with a friend and then camping in a cave I had found and then riding all day. Sandy suggested that a guy with asthma trouble might not be wise to sleep on the ground if the wind chill was 10 degrees and besides that Kate would be cold if cross tied all night.

Oops, sometimes we must listen to our wives, and so I did.

I took two gaited newbies on two of our better trained horses Sunday for a light 8 mile ride in the snow. We finished in the dark and thought the experience to be “challenging and exhilerating” once they got over the fact that we were riding in the freezing cold and the dark. Boy, am I glad I know how to use a GPS.

Today (monday27th) was a office holiday and so I took some friends and my Sandy back to the same area. It got down to 17 degrees but boy did we have a great ride. Here are some Shawnee National Forrest pictures. Sandy is on a twh mare named Cheyenne that we are getting ready for 50 mile endurance and the little grey is my twh mare Kate.  Kate finished the day with 1000 miles of training and racing on the year.

My favorite mare, Silver’s Wild Kate

Sandy and Cheyenne

Face Cave at the Shawnee National Forrest
Rack on!

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